About us

  • Tzedakah Fund S.C.A. – fund dedicated to capital growth and innovation, managed TE Capital, registered in Luxembourg was launched in 2012.
  • Tzedakah Fund S.C.A. considers investments in project financing in 3 major areas
    • Tech sector Blue Chips
    • Round B and Round C projects
    • Seed investments – Round A projects
  • Investment horizon – 3-5 years. Expected annualized return – 40%

Competetive Advantages


Best Expertise

and Back Office

We invest on every
stage of the project
We help projects in
finding partners
We help to discover
new potential to the idea

Our team

Murad Ikhtiar

Murad Ikhtiar

General Partner

  • 2004-2007 – ING Luxembourg S.A. Member of the Board
  • 2007-2008 – B.D.O. Cie Fiduciaire (Luxembourg). Executive Director
  • 2008-… – CF Fund Services SA (Luxembourg). Founding Partner
  • 2012-… – General Partner Tzedakah Funds SCA

Working principles

Investment Process

  • Top Down Macro Approach
    We rely on global and long term industry perspectives and change trends in our search for a value investments
  • Effective Diversification
    We weight risks and widen our scope constantly to achieve highest investment effectiveness
  • Close collaboration and hands on the projects we invested
    We work side by side with the teams of the projects we invested, uniting as a single entrepreneurial community
  • Long term value over short term speculation
    We are value-driven investors with the fundamental approach to business
  • Constant search of synergies
    We adding one to one to get more than two. We facilitate constant interchange of innovations and resources between our invested projects


We define our investment strategy as a savvy and diversified investments on the sharp edge of the Financials and Technology sectors moving into the future.
Technology applied to financial services (Fintech) has a significant impact on our daily lives, from facilitating payments for goods and services to providing the infrastructure essential to the operation of the world’s financial institutions.

Global Fintech is currently energised by the cumulative effect of digital connectivity, customer dissatisfaction with banks, and a lack of innovation and investment by incumbent providers, according to recent paper from EY.

Digital connectivity

Smartphone and internet penetration have revolutionized consumer connectivity allowing consumers and businesses to connect in ways previously unimagined.
Many of these connections have financial components.
We spot the markets with the highest levels of internet and mobile phone penetration globally, highest e-commerce spend and is a leaders in online access to financial services.

Economic downturn

Consumer sentiment plummeted post-crisis globally and has continued to remain low in the developed markets, while recovering in separate regions.
This has created an environment whereby consumer is open to adopting new business models and products from new providers.
At the same time, the crisis has meant incumbent institutions have failed to invest in technology and innovation.

Regulatory changes

A range of new regulation introduced in recent years has prompted financial services industry players to monitor their activities more stringently.
This, in turn, has created demand for a range of new and innovative solutions.


Accounting Partners:

BDO Luxembourg
2, avenue Charles de Gaulle
L-1653 Luxembourg
CF Fund Services
L-2013 Luxembourg
Auditor: PwC Luxembourg
400, Route d’Esch
L-1471 Luxembourg

Legal Partner:

Arendt & Medernach
14, rue Erasme L-2082